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St Munchin’s Catholic School


1 Isdell Place, Gosnells WA 6110

(08) 9234 7555


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Sequere Veritatem…Follow Truth

Encouraging each child to follow the teachings of Christ to guide them through life’s journey.

Goals & Aims

St Munchin’s Goals

In order to reflect the life and love of Christ for His people St Munchin’s Catholic School strives to:

  • Recognise the uniqueness and dignity of every individual
  • Provide opportunities for the spiritual, moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social development of the children in its care
  • Assist the child to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become a positive member of the school and the wider community
  • Foster, within each child, the awareness that Christian faith requires a personal commitment and a response to the needs of others
  • Provide opportunities for the growth of all members of our school community
  • Provide a caring and supportive environment.




St Munchin’s School aims to assist the students to value:

  • Being personally committed to Jesus, His Church and His teaching
  • Prayer
  • The abilities and uniqueness of self and others
  • Striving to achieve their full potential
  • The family unit
  • Honesty and truthfulness in relationships with others
  • Respecting and responding to appropriate leadership
  • The heritage, responsibilities and privilege of Australian Citizenship
  • Working for, and contributing to, the well being of the community
  • Preserving the environment.



St Munchin’s aims to guide and support the students acquiring knowledge about:

  • The Catholic belief and practices as documented by the Perth Arch-Diocesan Religious Education Units
  • Themselves and their capabilities
  • The wonders of our universe, world and environment
  • The qualities which make a spoken and written language effective
  • Influence of the media
  • Fundamental mathematical understanding
  • Plants, animals, matter and energy
  • Various expressive art forms and
  • Personal and community health and safety.



St Munchin’s aims to guide and support the students in the acquisition of skills to:

  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Comprehend and communicate effectively the written and spoken word
  • Interact socially and empathise with others
  • Become good citizens
  • Organise thoughts and actions logically
  • Develop suitable study habits, problem solving techniques and effective research skills
  • Make use of a range of decision making strategies
  • Participate actively in the creative arts
  • Develop co-ordination to enhance motor skills
  • Play a variety of games and sports
  • Keep clean, healthy and fit.
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