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Sequere Veritatem…Follow Truth

Encouraging each child to follow the teachings of Christ to guide them through life’s journey.


St Munchin’s AFL Tipping Competition
For the first time, the St Munchin’s P & F is running an AFL Footy Tipping Competition.

The competition is open to anyone interested in the fun of tipping and the opportunity to raise funds for the school, not to mention the chance to win big prizes for yourself.
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One-to-One iPad Programme
After much consideration and consultation, in 2021 St Munchin’s is intending to commence a One-to-One iPad Programme for students from Years Four to Year Six. The best procedure for this to occur is through a three year leasing/purchase plan, commencing in Year Four. This will result in student (parent/guardian) ownership of the device at the end of Year Six.
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Containers for Change scheme
From this term we will be joining the Containers for Change scheme. This scheme means our school will be able to receive 10c back for every eligible beverage container. As you collect containers within your household you may deposit them into the specified bins and help us to raise funds all while recycling and doing our part to help clean up WA.
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Principal Announcement
On behalf of the Executive Director of Catholic Education, Dr Debra Sayce, I would like to announce that Kevin Duffy has been appointed as Principal at St Munchin’s Catholic School, Gosnells.
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State-wide commitment to zero percent fee increases for 2021
Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce has confirmed there will be no increase in tuition fees in 2021 at CEWA-owned schools throughout the State.
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Help Kids Tap Into Their Inner Resources
My first parenting mentor, Maurice Balson, author of Becoming Better Parents constantly reminded parents, “If you want your child to be resourceful you need to put them in positions to develop their resources.”
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A Topic You Can’t Ignore
Respectful relationships is currently a topic of conversation in schools across Australia and New Zealand. Encouraging children and young people to develop relationships with each other based on mutual respect and equality is at the heart of gender quality.
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Standing behind difficult decisions
Johan and Harry were both suspended from school for a day after willingly watching a schoolyard fight. Their school had a zero-tolerance policy toward fighting and believed that those who watched a fight were as complicit in the conflict as those engaged in the fighting.
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Maintaining strong family traditions
Strong families develop their own traditions and rituals that define them and bind members together. Birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, bar mitzvahs, and Ramadan are some traditions and rituals that families enjoy. They are the coat hooks upon which we hang our family memories. By definition, they are permanent and not set aside when life gets busy.
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Developing young people’s emotional smarts
The last few months has certainly been a test of young person’s emotional smarts. The ups and downs of the COVID-19 experience continues to play on the emotions of all us, but for adolescence who are going through a period of brain development, this can be a particularly tricky time. Fortunately, parents are in a wonderful position to assist and in doing so develop emotional smarts in their young people.
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Collaborative parenting style wins the day during COVID-19
The close quarter living that most of us have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the patience and communications skills of even the most assured parent. The constancy of members living together is a test of family management skills, revealing any flaws or limitations that exist.
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Children and Community Services Amendment Bill
Pastoral Letter to the Catholic Community of the Archdiocese of Perth – The Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB Archbishop of Perth
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Following the Bishops’ decision to incorporate Catholic education in Western Australia earlier this year, I am pleased to inform you the new company is now registered as Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA Ltd). CEWA Ltd will commence operation from 1 January 2020, with the four diocesan Bishops as the owners, who in turn will appoint a Board of Commissioners to provide strategic governance of the system.
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Artist in Residence
Next week we will have an artist in residence, helping us to create some community murals in our school. One mural will be created on the wall near Year One. The second mural will be created around the opening of the canteen. This event will be an opportunity for the children to work together to create some themed walls which will lead to some teaching and learning opportunities in the future.
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Special Information concerning School Shoes
St Munchin’s School has been provided with an opportunity to sell school shoes through the school uniform shop. The shoes are made by Bata, a reputable footwear company.
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Cyber Security
I am writing to advise that Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) has recently been the subject of false email representations designed to obtain personal information.
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Getting to Know the NDIS
(National Disability Insurance Scheme)

The Autism Association of Western Australia are holding an information session where you can learn about the NDIS in WA.
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Catholic Identity
‘The calling of a Catholic school today is to be prophetic and to keep before students the values of Jesus in the contemporary world’ (Mandate 33). Catholic Shools impact the broader society by fostering a Catholic worldview. They form young people who are committed ‘to the love, compassion and justice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ’ (Mandate 6).


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4 Steps tp help KIDS cope with BIG FEELINGS about failure

  • Explain why feelings are useful
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Validate Feelings
  • Co-regulate



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A Letter from the Prime Minister
Keeping our children safe is a shared responsibility. Schools, governments at all levels, the Australian community and, first and foremost, parents take this obligation seriously.
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Urgent Canteen News
The canteen urgently needs volunteer helpers mainly on Fridays as this is the busiest canteen day.
Anyone connected to the School or Parish is welcome to assist – Grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends etc.
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Message from the Principal
It has been brought to my attention that a number of class Facebook pages have been opened under the School name.
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We are at an exciting time in Catholic education in Western Australia, where we are fortunate to be involved in determining the future direction of our system – 162 Catholic schools across WA, coming together to establish our united vision.
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National Innovation and Science Agenda project –
ACARA evaluation Privacy notice

This notice is to advise you that personal information about your child will be collected by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) as part of ACARA’s evaluation of a project funded under the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA).
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