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St Munchin’s Catholic School


1 Isdell Place, Gosnells WA 6110

(08) 9234 7555


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Sequere Veritatem…Follow Truth

Encouraging each child to follow the teachings of Christ to guide them through life’s journey.

Our Values

When the Sisters of Mercy began our school, they chose five values that all in our community would strive to develop, to make our community a reflection of Jesus and His unconditional love.

Excellence is giving our very best to every task we do and every friendship and relationship we have. By striving for excellence we develop the talents God has given us and turn them into gifts for the world. We strive to keep improving and we strive to learn from our mistakes.

Compassion is being able to stand in another’s shoes and to feel for people who are in need It’s about understanding that everyone is different and caring for people even when they make mistakes.

Mercy is offering forgiveness and acceptance, it is about giving people a chance to start again.

Justice is being fair in all we do; it is about standing up for others. When we are just we do not judge people, we do not seek to get back at people. If we have a problem with someone, we talk to the person we have a problem with and we don’t gossip about it with others.

Service is using our gifts to help others, We look for ways to be helpful without being asked. We think of others before ourselves. We are willing to help others and to give our time without expecting anything in return. So as to affirm others and help them to feel good about themselves. When we live with a spirit of service we give our very best effort to everything, we help people because we can, and we make our community and our world better for all.

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