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St Munchin’s Catholic School


1 Isdell Place, Gosnells WA 6110

(08) 9234 7555


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Sequere Veritatem…Follow Truth

Encouraging each child to follow the teachings of Christ to guide them through life’s journey.

St Munchin’s Staff


Our Staff 2023 – Administration


Principal Kevin Duffy
Assistant Principal Joe Musitano
Extended Leadership Joan Mackin (Discipleship – RE)
Extended Leadership Narelle Petta (Students With Disabilities – SWD)
Extended Leadership Anna Giuffre (Early Years Learning – EYL)
Extended Leadership Kellie Marangoni (Wellbeing – SEW)
Finance Officer Susanne Carroll
Administration Officer Sharon Campbell
Administration Officer Support Kelly Skinner
Social Worker Nicola Brown
Uniform Manager Katrina Van Der Wel
Canteen Manager Katrina Van Der Wel
Canteen Assistant Sharon Massam
Grounds & Maintenance Ken Cockman
Cleaners Sophie Beard
  Chari Banagbanag
Out of School Care OSHClub


Our Staff 2023 – Teaching Staff


3 Yr Old Pre Kindy Teacher Anna Giuffre
Kindergarten Teachers Anna Giuffre (Maroon)
  Gabrielle D’Agnone-Doyle (White)
Pre Primary Teachers Liz Higgins (Maroon)
  Hannah Wall (White)
Year 1 Teachers Lesa Keys (Maroon)
  Ash Marjoram (Maroon)
  Tess Plakakis (White)
Year 2 Teachers Ava Murphy (Maroon)
  Shekin Yusoff (White)
Year 3 Teachers Alara Miller
  Danielle Sartorelli (White)
  Michelle D’Monte (White)
Year 4 Teachers Melissa Hibben (Maroon)
  Caiden Vales De Menezes (White)
Year 5 Teachers Hannah Bluett (Maroon)
  Lara Millar (White)
  Kellie Marangoni (White)
Year 6 Teachers Joan Mackin (Maroon)
  Bonnie Alexander (Maroon)
  Amy Gallagher (White)


Our Staff 2023 – Teaching / Education Support Staff


SWD Co-Ordinator Narelle Petta
Support Reading Recovery/Literacy Narelle Petta
Support – Mathematics Cheryl Taylor
Support – Literacy Cheryl Taylor
Rainbows Co-Ordinator Cheryl Taylor
Support – Extension Kellie Marangoni
Support – Key Teacher / SEW Kellie Marangoni
Education Assistant – LLI Vivian Loh
Education Assistant – MiniLit Karen Adams
Education Assistant – 3 Year Old Pre Kindy Sr Win (Maroon)
Education Assistant – 3 Year Old Pre Kindy Kelsey Griffin
Education Assistant – Kindy Sr Win (Maroon)
Education Assistant – Kindy Jenny Davidson (Maroon)
Education Assistant – Kindy Cindy Van Der Walt (White)
Education Assistant – Kindy Lisa Foster (White)
Education Assistant – Pre Primary Jarod Allen (Maroon)
Education Assistant – Pre Primary Johanna Bond (White)
Education Assistant – Yr 1 Maureen Dombrowsky
Education Assistant – Yr 1 Kelsey Griffin
Education Assistant – Yr 2 Marie Thompson
Education Assistant – (Support) Taj Ryan
Education Assistant – Library Lena Motu


Our Staff 2023 – Specialist


Music K-1 Karen Holden
Music 2-6 Karen Gonsalves
Physical Education (K-6) Nicole de Vries
Health (K-2) Nicole de Vries
Science / Stem (PP-2) To be advised
Science / Stem (3-6) Paula Stockley
LOTE Italian (3-6) Laura Martinazzo


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